Everyone in the launch lanes! If you're new to the world of jumping, or just want a safe space to practice your sweet aerial moves, the airbag launch lanes are the place to be for soft landings.


Air tracks are perfect for any athlete looking to improve their tumbling skills!


You've seen them on TV, at the circus, at the Gym. Now you can try them for yourself. Aerial Silk lines ready for you to test your athletic ability and grace. Join the growing number of folks that use these fantastic silks as a way to stay in shape!


Grab your friends and one of our jousting bars and try your best to stay on the Battle Beam. You will have hours of fun knocking your buddies off the beam as you reign champion of the beam. Set up your own Beam Team and challenge your friends to an epic battle.


The art of outmaneuvering and dodging your opponents projects takes on a whole new meaning when played on our trampolines!


We won\'t judge anyone who starts pretending to be Michael Jordan on these courts - it\'s easy to feel like a superstar when dunking is this much fun! VIP and private rentals are available, so take your next party to the hoops!


Working up the courage to try a new trick? Practice the safest way possible by landing in one of our Foam Pits. All our Foam Pits have foam blocks piled up on top of a trampoline base for an extra bouncy, extra safe landing zone. It's almost as much fun trying to get out!


The sky is literally the limit to what you can experience on our wall-to-wall trampolines! With jump boxes, half-pipe spines and waterfall trampolines, you can let your imagination run wild. You won't even realize you're also getting an incredible workout!


Our interactive climbing walls are one of our latest features that provide a new digital element to what was already a fun pass time, climbing!


Is the Freestyle Court looking a little too crazy for your toddler? No worries, we can accommodate! Our Kiddie Court is reserved for children 6 and younger as a safe place for our smaller jumpers to bounce away from the big kids. Better yet, check out our Toddler Times for a quieter experience where the little ones take over the park!


Climb, crawl and monkey your way to the finish line as you stealthily make your way across a number of obstacles.


Obstacle courts are a great fun way to up your parkour game by giving you that extra boost you've always wanted!


Have you ever wanted to get from Point A to Point B the fastest way possible, even though there are obstacles? In this Flying Squirrel Hamilton exclusive, you can learn to scale, jump, swing, vault and crawl all over our Parkour Park built just for training! You will be amazed at all the different options available to hone your skills.


Our Fly Zone Olympic sized trampolines are an amazing way to get BIG air. Stacked so deep, you will be able to achieve tricks that the pros will envy! Recommended for experienced jumpers.


Ready to walk the line? This freestyle tightrope will surely get your adrenaline pumping. Watch your step and test your balance using your slackline freestyle skills!


Whether you practice gynmastics, cheer, aerobics or martial arts, this Flying Squirrel Victoria exclusive attraction has you covered! Try out our Spring Floor to practice your routines and perfect your moves!


Feel what it's like to soar through the air like a Flying Squirrel on our zip-lines!


Flying Squirrel Sports is true fun for the whole family, where the rules of gravity no longer apply! It's a spring-loaded, urban playground like you've never seen before, and whether you're a seasoned adrenaline junkie, or a family with toddlers and young children, everyone will enjoy themselves at Flying Squirrel.